Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Movie Review-In time

When I watch this movie, it reminds me to one of Malay proverbs; “Masa itu Emas” which emphasizes that time is a precious thing. This movie is about a man who receive a century of time from a guy change everyone’s life. Time is an important as it replaces money and your life. I think this concept is amazing because I never see any kind of movie like this before and it is quite scary when you know you will die when your time has finished. There are a few things that I found interesting from this movie.

 My first point, I would like to discuss about social hierarchy from this movie as rich people has many time(money) and live in different time zones than the others. If you are poor, you will stay at lowest time zone which there are many crimes occur and people are forced to work so hard to live. I feel pity to the poor people because they work so hard to increase their time but end up their time are stolen by "Minutemen" (time-robbing thugs) which is legal to the authorities (the authorities know that gang but they didn’t take any action towards them). At the end of this movie, a man (Justin Timberlake) manages to steal one-million-years capsules from the richest person and donates it to everyone. It is so satisfying to see that everyone is moving from the last time zone to others. However, if everyone has moved out from the lowest time zone, the rich people should develop it into more advance like the others or there will be extra population in certain time zones.

I will watch this movie again because it reminds to the importance of time because you can become poor into a second when you didn’t take good care of your time. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop your comments below.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Reflection on Debate

It is my first time participating in a debate tournament. There are a lot of new things that I learn from the last week’s activities. Debate is not only about rebutting other’s points but it is about communication through listen and understand other’s point. You need to listen and understand your opponents’ arguments first before you can question or rebut their points. I start realizing this concept when I focus to the final debate. I can see their points and point out some clashes point. Clashes point is the essence of a debate because we want to find best solution for some problems. When I be the whip for the first time, I couldn’t see the clashes point because it is the most importance part in debate.  Debate also teaches us to think fast especially when you are in opposition side as you need to follow the government’s definition and watch out for your words. It also helps me to practice speaking English more eloquent as I need to speak fast and make sure people will understand my points.

Although points are more importance than style, style also convinces others to be at your side. I just knew the different between ‘this house would’ and ‘this house believes that’ during last week. I though it is the same things but one word can change the whole meaning. ‘This house would’ emphasizes more on implementation or mechanism of doing something. In more simple way, it will explain how some rules or action works while ‘this house believes that’ is more for reasoning. It gives explanation why this thing is good and its advantages. It may look simple but it carries different meaning for the debate.  

Debate is an interesting thing to do and have fun with it. I hope I can join more debate after this to improve my speaking ability. Thank you for reading and feel free to drop your comments below.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Movie Review-Doctor Who (Midnight)

Honestly, I love the television series, Doctor Who because it is science fiction and I like something new for me such as Waterfall of Sapphire. This episode placed much more emphasis on the role of David Tennant as the Doctor than in the rest of the fourth series as he tried to save a passenger, Sky from being possessed by unknown entity. He communicates with her and she repeat (the entity is learning) all the words said by everyone in the shuttle including square root of pi to thirty decimals. At last, she managed to convince everyone in the shuttle that she’s okay and asked them to throw out the Doctor.
This episode can be related to our society because they were blaming each other when unexpected things happened. In our society, they love to blame on someone else without realizing their own fault like in the song of “Bangau oh Bangau”. Everyone should cooperate to achieve any goals together not blaming each other when it is not work like it should. People see others’ mistakes easily but when it comes to themselves, they did not admit their faults. As a student, we should not blame our teacher if we cannot understand some topics because students are the one who should put extra efforts in their study. Some teachers force their students to meet them because they want to help their students but they didn’t know their students’ weakness such as which topics they didn’t understand. We, as students supposedly go and meet them personally to ask question that we don’t understand. Teachers will always spend their time for their students although it is not their working time. That’s why, we should respect and love our teachers.
Thank you for reading my review and wish me luck for final examination next week.

Movie Review-Doctor Who (Blink)

I watch one of the episode of Doctor Who and I found that this British science fiction television series is very interesting as it contains a lot of new ideas that I never see before. This episode is about a girl named Sally Sparrow discovers old things at an old mansion. Since that, her life changed as all the people around her disappear starting with her best friend, Katherine. The Doctor who is a time traveler sent her some messages and asked her to bring his time machine (TARDIS) to 1969 (time when he got stuck). At the end of the episode, she managed to send TARDIS to the Doctor and stopped all the chaos by the weeping angels (statues that can move when people didn’t see them).

For me, this story is quite creepy because all the statues are coming from the future and moving when no one see them. Can you imagine how many statues in this world and what if they moving when nobody notice them. The weeping angle are not literally “weeping” but they close their eyes because they couldn’t see other angels’ eyes. The Doctor makes me amaze because he was very clever and he is a time traveler. I wonder how he did it but I’m sure it is so complicated (like he said). This story reminds me to Predestination because they struggle to understand what’s happening at first and the cycle just began at the end. Basically, they know they will be done the same things at the end of the story such as Sally gathers all the evidence (Kathy’s message and the weeping angel picture) and pass to the Doctor when she met her in front of her shop by saying “you will need this in the future” because she knew that the Doctor didn’t experience time travelling yet.

I like the character of Sally because she was very determining to find the answer and knowing who is the Doctor. She tried to save her friend and Billy Shipton (I like him) from disappear to older time. When Katty told Sally that she named her youngest child as Sally and Bill married to a woman named Sally (perhaps she’s Katty’s daughter), I know that they appreciated Sally as their friend before they gone. The moral here is appreciate your friends when they still have around you and friendship never dies.
Thank you for reading my review and feel free to drop your comment below.  

Friday, November 18, 2016

Movie Review-The Fall

This movie is basically about a guy tells a story of masked bandit and his friends to a cute little girl in the hospital. She imagined the masked bandit as that guy and all characters in the story as people around her. The story begins with a masked bandit travelled all over the world with his friend to take revenge on their enemy. The ending of this movie is quite sad as the guy “killed” all the characters of his story.

For this week, I’m going to discuss a point that I found interesting in this movie which is people shouldn’t use innocent children to fulfill their desire. In this movie, the guy told story to that little girl with in return she must steal some pills for him. She fell when she tried to reach the pills and broke her arm. I feel pity to that innocent girl because she doesn’t even know the name of the pills that she stole from the room. She just blindly followed what the guy’s order because she wanted to hear the rest of the story. Older people should not take advantage towards children just because they are so na├»ve.

Besides that, we should not put ourselves in danger to get others’ attention because people didn’t see our sacrifices as something valuable to them. From this movie, the guy who is a stuntman has lost both of his legs because he wanted to impress his girlfriend. However, his effort to impress her has come to the grief as his girlfriend has relationship with the main character. What a sad life. He also portrays the main character as the enemy in his story to the little child. At the end of his story, he kills his enemy because his daughter (the cute little girl) encourages him to fight back his enemy. 

I am sure if you watch this movie, you will really love it or really hate it (there’s no in between). Go and watch this movie. I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to drop your comments below.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Book Review-Black Box

When I first read this short story, something’s feels off but I couldn’t pinpoint what it is. But then I realized that it’s the style of writing that makes this masterpiece different from other short stories or any stories that I have read. And it’s answered during the class; Edgan used Twitter as the medium to publish this story. Thus, explaining why, the paragraphs are quite short, consistently, unlike normal stories. This short story is about a woman named Beauty who believes that she serves her country by spying on Designated Mate. She uses her beauty as her weapon to gain information from that guy. I feel pity for her because her husband has turned her into a robot (like robot girl in Terminator) by instilling memory and even her eyes can act as cameras and gives out flashes.

However, I feel amazed when I imagined how would she’s look like with some cool stuffs attached to her body. From this story, I can conclude that she is not a professional spy as she doesn’t even know how to fight the enemy. Usually, as a spy such as Kim Possible, we can obviously see she’s very skillful in martial arts but this story is little bit different as Beauty just giving some signals to her husband when she’s in trouble and she’s not even know how to fight her enemy. She only used her stuffs when she wants to record all the information.  

We can see that woman’s beauty can be a dangerous thing as man can easily been defeated by it. From this short story, I think Beauty’s husband was objectifying her to obtain information from the opponents as she never knows the purpose of her mission and blindly followed the instruction given. I also questioned myself for whom are she working to and are she doing this mission for her country.  How can she be so confident that she doing for the country without even knowing clearly what information are she looking for? Although I did not favor Beauty’s character as I think she has been deceived by her husband, I still love the writing style as it is different from any book I ever read before and its plot is interesting.

I hope you enjoy reading my review and feel free to drop your comment below.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Book Review –Things Fall Apart

When I read this book, the first thing that comes to my mind is people before modern era are already civilized as their society had their own rules and life style. This story is about a guy named Okonkwo who was the most respected man in his village as he won a match to become the leader of Ibo. He was very good in managing his people until one day, he killed his boy which has resembled himself just because he wanted to look like a “man” to his people. Since that, everything became upside down and he lost his pride gradually due to several incidents. At the end of the story, he who was a respected man before this committed suicide and it became worst as his body couldn’t even been buried by his people due to their beliefs.

 Some parts of this story remind me to what happened in my country before. As the English people came to Ibo’s village and built church at there to spread Christianity to Ibo’s people, Okonkwo was one of the leaders that tried to against all the changes that different from their beliefs towards their ancestor. He has been imprisoned for not following the English people’s command and was treated badly in prison. This circumstance happened in my country back then during British colonization. Some of our fighters have been killed by British government because they were accused as rebel. They were freedom fighters for their people as they tried to protect them from significant changes which can affect their lives same like Okonkwo. But then, British were more powerful in enforcing the law to get rid of all the rebels and stayed ruling the country. Because of that, British had colonized my country about 100 years.

I found it is quite interesting when Ibo’s society was very concerned about gender. Okonkwo never show his sadness to his people because he thought that men shouldn’t cry even for big matters. That’s why he willing to kill his own son although he knew he will be regretted with his doing. When I think rationally, I feel it is fair when crops for women and men were different because men were stronger than women and they supposedly did heavy jobs. However, I found it is quite irony when Okonkwo tried to live as a man but he ended up his life as a coward by committing suicide.   

Thank you for reading my review and feel free to drop your comments below.